Harlem on Central Manly – Cocktail Bar Review

Harlem on Central Manly Review

By Brett Turner

Harlem on Central Cocktail Bar Manly ReviewTruly something unique to Manly, Harlem on Central really raises the bar in terms of the level of service and style now expected to be found on the Northern Beaches. For years Manly and its surrounding suburbs have maintained a strong pub culture but a significant shift to what’s on offer to punters on a night out has recently occurred with bars such as this redefining what’s to be expected in our local area.

Harlem blends, quite successfully, old-world-chic with contemporary American Southern-street-culture. Between the food, the cocktails and the friendly wait staff there really isn’t a beat being missed at this cool new hotspot.


Harlem on Central - Shop 4, 9-15 Central Ave, Manly   

Phone (02) 9976 6737

Email Bookings - info@harlemoncentral.com.au  


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American Inspired Cuisine on the Northern Beaches

Harlem/home-made style fried chicken in Manly?

The food is simple and casual yet breathes with an air of sophistication. Inspired by classic American street food, there are a range of different options available to suit any taste. Personal favourites would have to include their shoe string fries served with a blue cheese and truffle aioli which is executed with sheer perfection managing to find a palatable balance between two very rich ingredients.

Also worthy of a mention would have to be the ‘Hushpuppies’, deep fried balls of vegetarian goodness, sweet corn, leek and cheddar cheese rolled in a zesty, crumby cornmeal coating and served with a tasty homemade BBQ sauce.

Harlem on Central review bar food

Sliders seem to be all the rage at the moment and Harlem has no apparent cure to this delicious craze producing some of the best little burgers I’ve ever had.

And for all of you carnivores out there you will be pleased to hear that there are a number of tempting options available including an impressive serving of Harlem/home-made style fried chicken served with an extremely more-ish tangy dipping sauce.

To put it in the most basic terms its simple food done really well. Harlem manages to deliver a casual dining experience with the class and elegance one would expect from a venue of such a nature.


Harlem on Central Bar Review

Adventurous & Experienced Bartenders

What really makes this place though is the service offered to the customer by the staff. The guys and gals down at Harlem really know their stuff and really put themselves into their product which is what makes the big difference between Harlem and your standard run of the mill watering hole.

‘If you have a good concept and you believe in what you do, it will work.’


Davide, one of the skilled hands behind the bar.

When a venue invests well in its staff it pays dividends for them and the punters as a professional service is quite noticeable up against a service provided by a clock watcher who just wants to pay the bills. This shines through with the staff at Harlem and what they are able to offer the customer.

‘Harlem itself doesn’t really have a signature drink. Everyone behind the bar has their own favourite drink to make so it really depends on who serves you.’


Nick – behind the stick at Harlem on Central.


Harlem on Central Cocktail Bar Manly

Harlem on Central Cocktails – Let the Experts Guide You

Something as simple as this really illustrates how Harlem on Central is the type of place you want to remain open minded in and let the experts guide you toward what they know is best.

For my experience I went with a couple of classics and a Harlem special. I first tried a ‘Manhattan’, keeping in line with that 1920’s speakeasy vibe. It presented well and was perfectly at home in the lavish surroundings; the perfect aperitif with its dry and rich flavours.

During dinner, on the advice of my expert hosts, I tried ‘the Millionaire Cocktail’. With the sweet and smooth flavor of this classy easy drinker it is clear to see why it has quickly become the local’s favourite.

Finally I finished off with, ‘The Godfather’, another dark spirited sophisticated drink from the guys behind the bar. The bartenders know their stuff and with the care and diligence used to make each drink you know you’ve gone to the right place for some of Manly’s finest cocktails.

The guys pride themselves in their work and it comes through in what they’re producing. There’s little more to say, go check it out for yourself.

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