Manly Street Names

Manly Street NamesManly Street Names

Have you ever wondered where your street name comes from? Check out this fascinating list of Manly street name meanings…

Street names in Manly

Abbott Street Sir Joseph P. Abbott, Speaker of the NSW Legislative Assembly
Abernethy Street Possibly surgeon John Abernethy – see Harvey, Jenner and Sangrado – an allusion to Dr Alleyne, land-owner.
Acacia Road Tree. Middle Harbour Heights Estate (c1919) comprised Acacia, Boronia and Callicoma.
Addiscombe Road Suburb of Croydon, London. Once site of the training college for cadets of the East India Co.
Addison Road Captain Stephen Addison, brother-in-law of Katherine Bassett-Darley
Adelaide Street Named after capital of South Australia, itself named after Queen of William IV of Britain.
Aden Street Former British colony in Middle East.

Adrian Place
Alderman Thomas Gordon Adrian, owner of Ivanhoe Hotel in 19th century.
Alan Avenue, Seaforth Mr. H.F. Halloran, subdivider of land – his eldest son Alan, who later became POW in Singapore.
Alder Street Mr. H.R. Alder, Deputy Town Clerk, 1927.
Alexander Street Possibly after the Alexander, one of the six transports in the First Fleet.
Allenby Lane Viscount Allenby, Cavalry Commander WWI, led invasion of Palestine in 1917.
Allenby Street Viscount Allenby, Cavalry Commander WWI, led invasion of Palestine in 1917.
Alleyne Street After early land-holder Dr Haynes G Alleyne. Now Ellery Parade.
Alma Street Battle of Alma in Crimean War.
Alto Avenue Italian meaning “high”.
Amiens Road Battle of Amiens, WWI.
Angle Street Forms triangle with Woodland and Sydney Road.
Arabanoo Street The aboriginal man associated with contact with the First Fleet.
Arlington Drive From Arlington, one of the “Cabal” – see Clifford, Ashley, Buckingham (Bolingbroke) and Lauderdale.
Armstrong Street Mr. A.B. Armstrong, Town Clerk 1883.
Arthur Street Son of Mayor J.G.S. Griffin, who surveyed area in Balgowlah, gave street names after his children.
Ashburner Street Lt Col Francis James Ashburner, second husband of Katherine Darley, eldest child of Benjamin Darley and Katherine Wentworth.
Ashley Parade See Arlington Drive.
Audrey Street Daughter of Mayor Griffin – see Arthur Street – named between 1880-1890.
Augusta Lane Sea-port in Italy?
Augusta Road Sea-port in Italy?
Austin Street Mayor C.R. Austin, Mayor in 1885/86.
Balgowlah Road From aboriginal term meaning “No Devil”.

Baltic Street

Baltic Sea, important trading route.
Baranbali Avenue

From aboriginal term meaning “towards the east”.
Baringa Avenue From aboriginal name meaning “light”.

Barrabooka Street

From aboriginal term for “hunting ground”.
Battle Boulevard

Name given by H.F. Halloran, following legal battles over access with former owner of “Undercliffe”.

Beach Street/Lane

Near the beach.

Beaconview Street

Possibly for view of South Head Lighthouse?

Beatrice Street

After daughter of Mayor Griffin – see Arthur and Audrey.
Beatty Street

Part of 1918 Rosyth Estate, named after British WWI Lords of the Admiralty, in this case Admiral David Beatty.
Belgrave Street

Named by H G Smith after fashionable street in Brighton, England.

Bellevue Street

Named after the Estate.

Benelong Street

Named after the aboriginal who was associated with Governor Phillip in 1792.
Berry Avenue Mr. William Berry, former owner of the estate where it is.
Birkley Road

Was Park Road. Corruption of Birtley Road, after Birtley property near Guildford, England. (Muir)
Bligh Crescent After James William Bligh.

Bolingbroke Parade

See Arlington Drive.

Bonner Avenue

After Mayor James Bonner, Mayor 1908-1914.

Boronia Lane
After the plant. See Acacia.
Bower Street/Lane Leads to Fairy Bower.

Boyle Street

From one of the original surveyors of the town, Surveyor Boyle.
Brighton Street

After Brighton Estate; name originally given by H.G. Smith associated with Brighton, England.

Brisbane Street

After capital of Queensland (Wellings).

Brook Road

Proceeds to head of Curl Curl Creek.
Bruce Avenue

Named after Prime Minister S.M. Bruce (Viscount Bruce of Melbourne).


See Arlington Drive.

Bundanoon Lane

Aboriginal name for “place of deep gullies”.
Bungaloe Avenue

Named by Mr. A. Robey, agent for the estate, as site suitable for bungalows.
Burton Street Named for original landholder, Mr. John Burton.

Callicoma Road

After the native plant. See Acacia.
Camera Street

Tower Hill Park housed a camera obscura in 19th century, adjacent to Dalley’s Castle.
Cameron Avenue

After John Cameron, Mayor in 1889,1890 and 1891.

Carey Street
Mr. J.R. Carey, then a land-owner, and Managing Director of Port Jackson Steamboat Company.
Carlton Street

Named by H G Smith, possibly after Carlton Crescent, in Brighton, England.
Castle Rock Crescent

Formerly part of Ogilvy Road, re-named by Council resolution 4 Nov 1975. Near Castle Rock.

Cecil Street

Named by Sir Arthur Rickard, after whom?

Cemetery Road

Cemetery (now not used).
Central Avenue

Was Norton Street, changed at request of householders.

Ceramic Lane

From pottery works??

Charles Street

King Charles?
Clarence Street

Named by Mr. Charles Clarence Gale, solicitor, owner of the estate.
Clavering Road

Clavering was name given to “Dalwood” by Prof. Gurney, after Essex village where his father was vicar.

Cliff Street


Clifford Avenue

See Arlington Drive.
Clontarf Street

Named after the original Clontarf Picnic Grounds, near Dublin, Ireland.
Cohen Street

Possibly after Philip Cohen of the Pier Hotel in 1857, or land-owner James A Cohen.

College Street

Vicinity of St. Patrick’s College.
Collingwood Street

Named after Admiral Collingwood, English Admiral, friend of Lord Nelson.

Commonwealth Parade
Probably Foundation of Commonwealth
Condamine Street

After Lt. de la Condamine, Condamine River, settlement there formed 1857/58.

Coral Street
Named by Mr. D. Hogan, owner of estate and

Town Clerk of Manly, after coral trees planted there.

Cormack Street

After landowner Mr. W.E. Cormack.

After the Corso in Rome, best known street of this name.

Cove Avenue

Formerly Stuart Avenue, changed 1.9.1986.
Craig Avenue

Named by Mr. R.J.D. Sellar, owner of the sub-division.
Crescent Street

On crest of Red Hill, Sydney Road, so known after the red gravel road construction.

Cross Street

After John H. Cross, Mayor in 1933 and 1935.

Crown Street

Was in Fairlight, name no longer in use.

Curban Street

Town in NSW?
Cutler Road

After Sir Roden Cutler, VC. Previously Moore Street.

Daintrey Street

]After Mr. Edwin Daintrey, early land-holder.

Dalwood Avenue

After Mr. A.E. Dalwood.

Darley Road and Lane

After Captain Benjamin Darley, first husband of Katherine Bassett-Darley.

David Place

Possibly after Dr David Thomas?
Denison Street

Named after Sir William Denison, 11th Governor of NSW.
Dobroyd Scenic Drive Portion of the scenic drive Seaforth-Manly, constructed with relief in May 1935.

Dudley Street

In honour of Earl Dudley, a previous Governor-General of Australia.

Duke of Edinburgh Parade

Refers to attempt on life of Prince Alfred on 12th March 1868 at Clontarf.
Dungowen Lane

After Dungowan building, dance-hall, and latterly skating rink. Town in NSW.
East Esplanade

An esplanade is any clear level stretch of ground used for public walks.
Edwin Street

From Edwin Daintrey, owner and subdivider of the estate.

Eileen Street

Now in Warringah Shire. Source not identified.
Electra Street

North/south direction between West & Griffith St on early subdivision map, later Sydney Road.
Ellery Parade

Original landowner, Mr. Peter Ellery, owner of punt crossing.
Ernest Street

Named after a Junior Clerk, Ernest Phillips, at the time in the Council’s service. Was William Street.
Ethel Street

After daughter of Mayor Griffin – see Arthur and Audrey.

Eurobin Street

Aboriginal, meaning lake at foot of mountain.

Eustace Street

After son of Henry Gilbert Smith.
Fairbairn Avenue

After Alderman W. Fairbairn, Mayor of Manly, 1959.

Fairlight Crescent

Crescent in the Fairlight Estate.
Fairlight Street

House of Henry Gilbert Smith, Fairlight, admired name of a friend’s house at Mulgoa visited in 1827.

Fairy Bower Road

On Fairy Bower side of Darley Road.
Farmer Road

Was Cliff Road. Named after H.E. Farmer, Mayor of Manly 1895 and 1896.

Farrar Street

Named 1917 after E.H. Farrar, MLC.
Fisher Street

Part of 1918 Rosyth Estate named after British WWI Lords of the Admiralty, in this case Admiral John Fisher.

Francis Lane

Frances, niece of Mr H.G. Smith.

Francis Street

Son of the owner and subdivider, Mr. W. Murray.

French’s Forest Road

Leading to French’s Forest, named after James Harris French, early land-owner.

Fromelles Avenue

WWI battlefield.

Geddes Street

Part of 1918 Rosyth Estate named after British WWI Lords of the Admiralty, in this case Eric Geddes.

George Street

After son of Mayor Griffin – see Arthur
Gertrude Street

After daughter of Mayor Griffin – see Arthur and Audrey.

Gilbert Street

After son of Henry Gilbert Smith.
Golf Parade

Leading towards Manly Golf Links (formerly Hutton Street).

Gordon Street

After General Gordon of Khartoum.
Gourlay Avenue

(late part Boyle Street) – after Mayor C.W. Gourlay, Mayor in 1930.
Griffin Street Mayor J.G. Griffin, (1846 – 1923), Mayor in 1888.
Griffiths Street Possibly after Robert Griffiths, bootmaker, who lived on the north side of Sydney Road in 1890s. Street name dates from c1892.
Probably after Professor Theodore Gurney, owner of property where Dalwood Home now stands.

Harbour Street
Leading to Middle Harbour, now Castle Rock.
Harbourview Street View of Middle Harbour.
Harvey Street

Possibly surgeon John Hunter – see Abernethy, Jenner and Sangrado, allusion to Dr Alleyne, land-owner.
Harwood Place

After Harwood family, residents in street since 1920′s. MD 21 Sept 2002 p.9.

Hayes Street

Mayor Charles H. Hayes, Mayor 1882-1884.

Heathcliff Crescent

Heath growing on the cliffs.
Heaton Avenue

Francis W. Heaton, Mayor in 1918 and 1922, early Manly family.

Henrietta Lane

Henrietta, niece of Mr. H. G. Smith.

Herbert Street

After brother of J.G. Griffin.
Hilder Road

After Alfred Hilder, Mayor in 1879 and 1880. Was Thornton Street, Balgowlah.

Hill Street

Hilltop Crescent Geographical.

Hogan Street

After Mr. Dan Hogan, Town Clerk 1901-1922.
Holmes Avenue

After Major General William Holmes (1862-1917), Commander of 5th Brigade AIF at Gallipoli
Iluka Avenue Aboriginal, meaning near the sea.
Jackson Street

After Mr. W. Jackson, father of Lady McPherson, wife of Premier of Victoria.

James Street

Possibly after King James?

Jamieson Avenue

After Mr. Samuel Jamieson, builder.
Jellicoe Street

Part of 1918 Rosyth Estate, named after British WWI Lords of the Admiralty, in this case Lord John Jellicoe
Jenner Street

Possibly after surgeon Edward Jenner – see Abernethy, Harvey and Sangrado, an allusion to Dr Alleyne, land-owner.
Judith Street Not known.

Kamiri Street

After aboriginal tribe, the Kameri.

Kanangra Crescent

Aboriginal for “beautiful view”.

Kangaroo Street

Behind the stone Kangaroo monument.
Karingal Street

Aboriginal name meaning “happy home” or camp.

Kempbridge Avenue

Named in recognition of Alderman A. Kemp, behind building of Spit Bridge.

Kennedy Street

Not known.

Kenneth Road

Not known.

King Avenue

Not known.
Kirkwood Street

Possibly Robert Kirkwood of Bantry Bay, or Joe Kirkwood, golfer associated with Manly Golf Club.

Kitchener Street

After Lord Kitchener, British Field-Marshall in WWI. Originally Vienna Street.

Koobilya Street

Aboriginal name.
Krui Street

Named by Mr. P.H. O’Brien, subdivider of the estate, after a tree found in the Moree District.
La Perouse Street

After Compt de la Perouse, commander of French Expolring Party in 1788.

Lancaster Lane

Not known.

Lauderdale Avenue

After member of the cabal – see Arlington Drive.

Laura Street

Not known.
Laurence Street

Named by the subdivider, Mr. C.A. Laurence, solicitor, Alderman of Manly.
Lawson Place

After Henry Lawson, the writer, who lived in Manly in 1902.
Learmonth Avenue

After Mayor A. Learmonth, 1907. Was Cormack Avenue.
Lewis Street

After early North Harbour land-holder Mr. T.H. Lewis.

Linkmead Avenue

In Linkmead Point estate.
Lister Avenue

After W.P. Lister, member of Fairlight Improvement Association?
Lister Street

Changed to North Harbour Street as at 1 Sept 1986.
Little Bower Street
Lodge Street

Altered by Council on 9 June 1925 from Harbord Street after petition from residents.
Lombard Street

Apparently named after Lombard Street, London, where banks were based.

Magarra Place

Aboriginal meaning “to look pretty, be bright.”

Malvern Avenue

Was Whistler Road, changed at request of householders.
Manly Road
Maretimo Street

Named after house belonging to Mayor J.G. Griffin.
Margaret Street

Named after second wife of Mr. H.G. Smith, died 7 April 1866, buried Manly Cemetery.

Marine Parade


Marjory Thomas Place

Named after Dr. Marjory Thomas, pathologist, Manly Hospital, retired in 1963 after 30 years.
Market Lane

Originally intended to have markets there, to rear of Corso.
Marshall Street

George Osborne, Trustee of Bassett-Darley Estates was son of Henry Osborne and Sarah Marshall.

McDonald Street

After James McDonald, early land-holder.
McMillan Street

After Sir William McMillan, Colonial Treasurer in NSW Parliament.

Melbourne Street

After capital of Victoria, according to Wellings.
Monash Crescent

After Sir John Monash, Australian General in WWI, particular association with Amiens.
Montauban Avenue

WWI battlefield on Somme, where Australian troops fought.
Moore Street

Named after Elizabeth Moore, land-owner at Clontarf.
Mossgiel Street

Named by a Mr. Moss, land-owner – also name of farm of Scottish poet Robert Burns.

Mulgowrie Crescent

Aboriginal, meaning “place for water”.
Munoora Street
Myrtle Street

Now in North Balgowlah. Named after the plant.

New Street

Dates from 22 February 1907, see CB1:14.

Nield Avenue

After surveyor Mr. Joseph Nield, who surveyed area in 1856.
Nolan Place

After Mr. Percy Nolan, Mayor 1936-38. Renamed 30.10.1955, see CB3:40. Was Clontarf Road.
Norman Street

After Mr Norman Pope who owned land now part of Manly Golf Links.

North Harbour Street
Was Lister Street, name changed 1 Sept 1986.

North Head Scenic Drive
North Steyne
Northcote Avenue After Lord Northcote, Governor-General.

Norton Street
Now Central Avenue.

Named by H G Smith, possibly after Norton Road, Brighton & Hove, England.

Ocean Road/Lane

Ogilvy Road

After Mayor Adam Ogilvy, Mayor part of 1917. Was Clontarf Road.
Old Sydney Road
Orchard Street Orchard in Wheeler’s Estate.
Osborne Road

After George Osborne, trustee of Bassett-Darley Estates, husband of Sophia Towns, the daughter of Katherine Darley’s sister Sophia.
Oyama Avenue

After house on the estate owned by Mr H S Badgery. Japanese name.
Pacific Lane/Parade/Street Geographical.

Palmerston Place

After British Prime Minister?

Panorama Parade


Paris Street

Named after French capital. (Wellings).

Park Avenue

Near Ivanhoe Park.
Parkes Street

After Premier Sir Henry Parkes. Was in Manly Vale, off Addiscombe, name no longer used.

Parkview Lane/Road
View of Ivanhoe Park.

Paton Place

After Alderman Paton?
Peacock Street

Named after Victorian Premier, Sir Alexander Peacock?

Peronne Street

WWI battlefield where Australian troops fought.

Phillip Avenue

After Governor Arthur Phillip.

Pickworth Avenue

After Mr. E.H. Pickworth, Alderman 1922 on.
Pine Lane/Street

Was Middle Harbour Road. Led to pine trees on the North Steyne.
Pitt Street

After Mr. Robert M. Pitt, Alderman, early Engineer of Manly.
Pittwater Road

Road to Pittwater, Pittwater named after British Prime Minister William Pitt.
Plant Street

Named after Mr. John Plant Wright, Garden Estate owner.
Ponsonby Parade

After British statesman Lord Ponsonby, colleague of Palmerston and Russell?

Prince Edward Road

Possibly Edward, Duke of Gloucester, later Edward VIII who abdicated.
Princes Promenade
Quinton Lane/Road

Quinton, Northamptonshire, England, home of father of Mr. H.G. Smith.
Quirk Road

Was Stuart Road. Named after Mayor E.W. Quirk, M.L.A., Mayor 1901-1906.
Radio Avenue

Marks the advent of radio? Possible connection with Radio 2GB in 1920s.
Raglan Street

After Lord Raglan, commander of British troops in Crimean War.
Reddall Street Formed 22 Feb 1907 CB1:14. After John Reddall, married to Katherine Darley’s sister Martha.
Redman Street

After Mr William Redman, constable for Gilbert Baker, 1820′s.
Reid Street

After A.A.E.E.V. Reid, Mayor 1919-1921. Was William Street.
Rialto Lane

Once the side exit to the Rialto Theatre, named after Venetian landmark.

Richmond Road

After Richmond in England?

Rickard Street

After Sir Arthur Rickard.
Rignold Street

After George Rignold, actor, owner part of William Bligh estate 1890′s.

Rolfe Street

After Mr. W.H. Rolfe, early property owner.

Roseberry Street

After Lord Rosebery, British statesman.
Rosedale Avenue

Named by Mr. P.H. O’Brien, after the native roses of the vicinity.
Ross Street

After W.L. Ross, JP, president of MWPHS 1927-1930.
Rowe Street

After Col. Thomas Rowe, Mayor 1877-78, first Mayor of Manly.
Russell Street

Possibly after Alderman Adam Russell, died 1909. Or British statesman.

Salisbury Square

Possibly the British statesman, Lord Salisbury.

Sandra Place

Not known.

Sandy Bay Road

Sangrado Street

Land owned by Dr Haynes Alleyne – medical allusion to Dr Sangrado, a character in Gil Blas.

Scales Parade

After Mr. George Scales.

Scenic Drive

Constructed with relief money during 1935/36.

Seaforth Crescent

Related to the suburb.

Seaview Street

Geographical. Old tram stop.

Shell Street

Beach in the vicinity noted for its shells.
Sheridan Street

Possibly after Mr Sheridan of Manly Progress Association in 1920s. (CB3 12, 13.)
Short Street
Smith Street After Mr. H.G. Smith, founder of Manly.
Sprigg Street

After W.G. Sprigg, first owner of house in the area.
Steinton Street

Should be Stinton, after eldest son of Mr. H.G. Smith, see also Gilbert and Eustace.

Steyne, North & South

After a thoroughfare in Brighton, England. Steyne meaning stone. Named by H.G. Smith.
Stuart Ave/Street/Road

After Colonial Secretary Alexander Stuart, who signed proclamation incorporating the municipality.

Sunset Lane

Suwarrow Street

After the suwarrow nut or butter nut, seed from fruit of caryocar.

Sydney Road

Main road leading to Sydney.

Tabalum Road

Aboriginal meaning “my native home”.
Thornton Street

After Hon. George Thornton, one-time Mayor of Sydney.
Tower Street

Road leading to the site on which stood Dalley’s Castle and camera obscura tower.
Tramway Parade

Previously part of the Spit-Manly Electric Tramway route.

Tutus Street

“Tutus” is Latin for “safe”, “secure”.

Union Lane
Valley Road Geographical. Formerly Victoria Street.

Victoria Parade

Named after Queen Victoria.
Violet Street

Named by Mr. J.G. Griffin after his daughter – see Arthur.

Vista Avenue


Vivian Street

After Mr. W.H. Vivian, Alderman.

Wakehurst Parkway

After Baron Wakehurst, Governor of NSW 1937-1946.
Wanganella Street

Named after Wanganella in the Riverina, means “beautiful”.
Waratah Street

After the flowers which grew there in the early days.

Waterview Street


Wattle Avenue
Site once of a row of wattle trees.
Webb Street

Now Balgowlah. After Mr F.W. Webb, subdivider of estate in 1920.

Weekes Road
After Nicholas Weekes, Mayor in 1897.
Wentworth Street

After D’Arcy Wentworth, father of William Charles Wentworth.

West Esplanade


West Promenade

West Street

Original western boundary of the Village of Manly.
Westlake Place

Wharf Road

Whistler Street

After first wife of Mr. H.G. Smith, Eleanor Whistler, died 11 October 1839.
White Street

Possibly after Surgeon General John White, with Capt. Phillip, landed 13 April 1788.
Whittle Avenue

After Deputy Mayor E.G. Whittle, who was instrumental in road’s being built.

Willawa Street

Aboriginal meaning “stop here”.

William Street

After King William?
Willyama Avenue

Named by Mr. A.S. Knight after the town of Willyama, where he owned a newspaper.
Wood Street

Woodland Street

Originally heavily timbered.


Named after John Woods, resident of Manly,

Mayor of Sydney.

Yatama Street

Aboriginal meaning “good”.
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