The White Hart Restaurant Review

Strawberries & Creamat The White Hart, Neutral Bay (image) Restaurant Neutral Bay – Dining Sydney

The White Hart

Choose your own adventure wonderland of cocktails and canapes with full dinner and lunch menus.

Where: 19-21 Grosvenor Street, Neutral Bay NSW 2089, Australia
Phone: (02) 8021 2115
Monday: Closed
Tues-Thurs: 5pm til late
Fri: 3pm til late
Sat: 12.30pm til late
Sun: 12pm til 8pm
Bookings: >>click here
The word ‘hart’ is an archaic word for mature stag and the White Hart was Richard II’s personal emblem. The name became so popular as a tavern name during his reign and was adopted by so many inns that The White Hart at one time became a colloquialism for describing any drinking house.
Now that the history lesson is over let me tell you that The White Hart in Neutral Bay is not just any old drinking house, drawing inspiration from the motherland there is plenty of great drinks and good tucker to be had, Gordon Ramsey would be so proud!!

Grosvenor Street in Neutral Bay

Grosvenor Street in Neutral Bay has blossomed with some of the best eateries North of the Bridge and The White Hart is definitely one of them. Sandwiched between an array of trendy bars and restaurants, TWH, as it is known, is a warm and inviting place. Half bar, half restaurant this joint is a choose your own adventure wonderland of cocktails and canapes with a full dinner menu to boot.

Bartender Grant Collins – Cocktail Guru

Lets start off with the bar, sit on the street or cozy up inside in the comfy chairs and peruse the pages and pages of cocktails. Grant Collins is head cocktail guru here and with experience ranging from the Hilton, Water Bar, Manly Pavilion and Ku De Ta there is a wealth of boozy knowledge emanating from the TWH. What is impressive is the attention to detail, so many of the ingredients here are house-made/infused.From the homemade mojito toothpaste in the Breakfast Mojito to the popcorn washed rum in the La Premiere which comes served in a coke glass recreating an alcoholic cinema experience. If you really enjoy challenging your preconceptions maybe come by and try the High Tea. Forget boring old crustless sandwiches, think more like edible deconstructed cocktails! Wow!

White Hart Restaurant Review

Vanilla, Passionfruit and Caramel Martini

It’s not all about gimmicks and wacky flavours here, the drinks are well made and excellently balanced. A perfect example is the Vanilla, Passionfruit and Caramel Martini – so many intense flavours but combined perfectly to create an excellent drink that is not too sweet or tart, the aroma of vanilla is extremely enjoyable while sipping.The Homemade Cider Apple Sour is a perfect drink to cool off in summer, blending Belvedere infused apple vodka, house-made apple cider, cavaldos, applejack, citrus and poured over a sphere of frozen cider. Incredibly refreshing, I could have one with my toast in the morning, I think.
The bar at The White Hart Restaurant in Neutral Bay (image)
You might not think bacon would be the first choice for an ingredient in a cocktail but the bacon washed bourbon in the smoked maple Manhattan is pretty phenomenal. Smokey, sweet and strong this isn’t a Manhattan you’d soon forget, just as good as anything you’re likely to sip at the hipster hotspots over the bridge, minus the boat shoes and curled moustaches.There’s plenty of good beer and wine behind the bar too. If cocktails aren’t your thing you can still get your fill of tasty booze. To be perfectly honest, though, you haven’t really been to TWH until you have tried the Nitro Punch! All I’m going to say is there’s some liquid nitrogen involved and a punch bowl with a whole lot of booze. The rest you can find out for yourself.

Casserole at The White Hart, Neutral Bay (image)

Dining Options

The dinner menu has a strong influence from the mother country with a few puddings, some bubble & squeak and a casserole. Fortunately, there are still plenty of tasty dishes that suit our balmy climate too. The kingfish ceviche is a tasty starter with crisp fresh flavours. By contrast the black pudding is rich and sweet, with caramelised apple and tarte tatin crumble to compliment the flavours and textures of the pudding. The Beef and Guinness casserole is hearty and satisfying, with tender slow cooked beef and a creamy mash making a fantastic combination.

Wagyu Beef Burger at The White Hart, Neutral Bay (image)

Wagyu Burger

Certainly not a British influence, the Wagyu burger is solid – with a slice of beetroot for a bit of Australiana and caramelised onions and crispy chips on the side. For a perfect match with the burger go for the house-made cherry-cola cocktail, served in a paper bag complete with striped paper straw – it’s deliciously nostalgic. For the not so hungry check out the tapas treats, the lamb sliders caught my eye and issued me with a good dose of food envy as they left the kitchen for a destination that wasn’t my stomach.

Black Pudding at The White Hart, Neutral Bay (image)Desserts

The desserts here are also drool worthy with a bread and butter pudding making a comeback in modern dining and a few other English inspired treats.The Strawberries and Cream is awesome, not exactly what you’d get at a day at Wimbledon but super refreshing – think strawberry ice cream, crunchy bits and caramel and you’re almost there.The TWH Cappuccino is a dessert cocktail served in a takeaway coffee cup with loads of sweet and boozy ingredients as well as some fresh espresso: cool, creamy and a rather discreet way to consume your alcohol (coffee break anyone?).


All in all, The White Hart is unusually good for a North Shore eatery and locals should be feeling a little bit spoiled having this quality of beverage and service at their doorstep.Cozy in Winter and cool in Summer, it’s the perfect place to wind down and enjoy some top notch tipples. Keep an eye out for some great promotions including the High Tea and Sunday Roast complete with live jazz. They say home is where the Hart is and there’s no doubt you’ll feel right at home here, if only they’d let me move in!
The Good – Cool and cozy fit-out, expert cocktails backed up with delicious food.
The Bad – Parking can be tough at peak times.


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